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This site exists the counter racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic or otherwise oppressive and reactionary thought on reddit and other popular forums. We aim to counter stormfront, kia, tia, and coontown brigading and imperialist apologia with historical materialism.

This site will host information resources and links to discussions that users can use to agitate

The administrators of sites like Reddit are too attached to the notion of free speech to counter the racist content being promoted by its users. And they are too beholden to the right wing reactionaries who make significant financial contributions to the site by awarding "reddit gold" to bigoted comments.

We can no longer trust the users, and we can no longer trust the admins. It is time to take action.

How to agitate

Don't follow any direct links from here or other subreddits. Reddit's traffic report shows what links users followed. You will get banned, or worse, get this domain or other subreddits banned for brigading. Instead try to find the thread by clicking through from the relevat subreddit, the agitation will then look organic rather than organized. Failing that, open an incognito window, log into your reddit account, open the relevant subreddit you wish to agitate, then paste the comments link in your address bar.

Try to find the worst comments and respond to them in a way that the average user can relate to. If your response is too far in opposition other users will also reject the analysis.

Don't be sectarian. Feminists, LGBTQ activists, anarchists, Trots, M-Ls, anti-racists, etc. We are all allies in the fight against oppression.

When appropriate contribute to and make use of crowsourced material in the Resources section


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